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Soup Mix Shoyu Ramen Noodles - 3.88 oz

Soup Mix Shoyu Ramen Noodles - 3.88 oz

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#631.7 Soup Mix Shoyu Ramen Noodles

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Net Wt: 3.88 oz (110g)

Shoyu ramen is infused with a great soy sauce umami flavor in the tradition of one of the most popular ramen flavors. This sauce is not your regular table soy sauce, but typically a special sauce with additional ingredients and soup base made according to a secret recipe. The broth for Shoyu is usually clear but is dark-colored and sweeter than Shio soup.  


  • Non-fried, soft noodles. The wavy noodle shape holds up to any broth and keeps its texture to the last slurp. 
  • Traditional savory and flavorful Shoyu soup stock.
  • Quick and easy 1 pan cooking. Cook soup packet and noodles together in 2 cups of boiling water for “al dente” noodles for 2 minutes. For more tender noodles, boil for an additional 30 seconds. Use as a base to your noodle bowl and top with egg, chicken, red peppers, bamboo shoots, green onions, or anything you like!

Noodles: wheat flour, water, salt, maltose, protein from wheat, egg white powder, sodium carbonate, annatto extract (by annatto seed).

Soup Base: salt, potato starch, say sauce powder (soybeans, salt, wheat, dextrin), vegetable extract powder (dextrin, onion, carrot, celery, salt), cabbage extract powder (dextrin, cabbage), roasted onion powder (onion, dextrin), sugar, caramel color, dried kelp powder, garlic powder (garlic, soybeans), ginger powder, white pepper.

Allergen Notice:
Contains: wheat, egg, soybeans. 

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