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Chopula Mini Spatula

Chopula Mini Spatula

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#664 Chopula Mini

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The chopping sit-up spatula - Mini Chopula's small, flexible head easily slides under food for a clean lift, making it perfect for cookies, eggs, and brownies. 

Made to cut corners - Angled handle and multi-curved head reach every corner of any pan or tray, while keeping your hand away from food and heat. 

Slick on non-stick - Durable, heat resistant nylon head can be used on any surface, without scratching non-stick cookware. 

Self-rising power - The clever bend in Mini Chopula's handle sits the head up to keep your counters clean and germ-free. 

Dishwasher safe. BPA free. 

Available in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple. Please specify color in the comment section at checkout.

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