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Chile Whole Ancho - 4 oz

Chile Whole Ancho - 4 oz

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#871.1 Chile Whole Ancho

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Net Wt: 4 oz (113g)

Ancho chiles are made from ripe, red poblano chile peppers, which are carefully dehydrated. These ancho chiles are a versatile option to keep on hand in your kitchen. Use them to add smoky, fruity flavor and mild heat to a wide variety of recipes! If a milder flavor is dsired, you can remove the stems and seeds of these peppers before use, as these rae their spicies parts. Try rehydrating these ancho ciles by soaking them in hot water for about 0 minutes. Rehydrated chiles can be added to sauces like mole or pureed into a paste to make tamale or enchilada sauce. 

1000 - 2000 heat units.

Ancho chiles. 

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