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Vanilla Powder - 1 Lb

Vanilla Powder - 1 Lb

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#380 Vanilla Powder

Blended in the USA from Madagascar vanilla.

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Net Wt: 16oz (454g)

Approx. 3 cups

A white powder made from maltodextrin (a sugar) and 4-fold vanilla extract (cold process extraction). It is ideal for flavoring coffee, sprinkling on desserts (similar to powdered sugar), or for use in baking mixes. You can substitute vanilla powder in place of vanilla extract in recipes - use the same amount of powder in place of extract.

Equal to vanilla extract in volume (1 tsp powder = 1 tsp extract).

Dextrose, Pure Vanilla Extract (Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Vanilla Bean extractives), TriCalcium Phosphate (less than 2 % added as anticaking agent)

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