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Vanilla Beans - 3.8-4 oz unit

Vanilla Beans - 3.8-4 oz unit

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#181 Vanilla Beans

Botanical Name:
Vanilla planifolia or tahitensis

Papua New Guinea

Pack Size:
Net Wt: 3.8-4oz (107g-113g)

Approx. 30 beans

Vanilla beans are the fruit of a tropical orchid. These fruits are cured to ripen and preserve them, a process that can take up to 3-4 months. Vanilla beans are used for vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, and dessert flavorings. These Bourbon vanilla beans are generally long and slender, with a rich taste and smell, and have thick, oily skin, an abundance of seeds, and a strong vanilla aroma.

Notes and Instructions:
Grade A Gourmet
To make vanilla sugar, slit a vanilla bean lengthwise with a knife. Place bean in an airtight container and cover with 3 cups of granulated sugar. Store for a minimum of 1 month for sugar to absorb flavor. For more vanilla recipes, we recommend the Vanilla Cookbook by Patricia Rain.

Allergen Notice:
Our warehouse stores packaged tree nuts, soy, and dairy items in common areas.

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