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Turmeric Cut - 1 Lb

Turmeric Cut - 1 Lb

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#248 Turmeric Root Cut

Botanical Name:
Curcuma longa


Pack Size:
Net Wt: 16oz (454g)

Approx. 3.5 cups

Sometimes also referred to as curcumin (a constituent of turmeric), Indian Saffron, and Alappuzha. We offer a small cut pieces of turmeric, which is obtained from the rhizome (underground stem) of the plant. It is a deep orange-yellow color with an earthy, bitter, peppery flavor and a mustardy smell. Great for use in tea blends.

The high oil content of turmeric may warp or melt some plastic spice jars. Our PETE spice jars, however, do not warp or melt.

Allergen Notice:
Our warehouse stores packaged tree nuts, soy, and dairy items in common areas.

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