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Truffle Aioli -10.25 oz

Truffle Aioli -10.25 oz

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#718.6 Truffle Aioli

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We've packed the intense, savory flavor of truffle into this creamy, spreadable, dippable Truffle Aioli. Truffles are a rare, aromatic member of the fungi family that have been heralded as a culinary delicacy and lend a delicious, earthy flavor to this truffle mayo. enjoy the essence of this wonderful ingredient by adding this truffle mayo to your sandwiches and burgers or using it as a dip for chips and fries.

Canola oil, salted eggs (whole eggs, salt), white truffle oil (high oleic sunflower oil, organic white truffle concentrate in olive oil), white vinegar, water, mustard powder, black truffles, garlic powder, natural flavor and tocopherols (natural antioxidant).  

Allergen Notice:
Contains: eggs. 

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