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The Bundt Cookbook

The Bundt Cookbook

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#693.8 The Bundt Cookbook

A revised collection of heritage recipes from the early days of the Nordic Ware® Bundt® pan, plus a few new ones. 107 pages of recipes including cakes (apple streusel cake, tomato soup cake, gluten free blackberry yogurt cake, etc), breads (pineapple monkey bread, date filled potica, Swedish limpa, etc.), salads (molded salmon salad, holiday ribbon ring, three fruit salad, etc.), entrees (turkey in the Bundt, spaghetti Florentine, upside down burger biscuit, etc.), and specialty desserts (glorified rice, create a sundae, grasshopper cake, etc.), as well as glazes, syrups and sauces. A high quality book with soft touch cover.  Released in 2019. 

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