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Tartlet Mold Flutted Round - 4 piece set

Tartlet Mold Flutted Round - 4 piece set

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#1500 Tartlet Mold Flutted Round

Bake delicately decorative tartlets and mini pastries at home with very little effort. Professional-looking homemade pastries has never been easier! Specially designed with fluted sides, these tartlet baking molds easily form those coveted decorative edges like the pros make, but without all the fuss. Heat is distributed evenly to bake uniform golden-brown crusts with deliciously crispy edges for amazing baking results every time. 

Easy to use. Simply press the dough into the molds evenly, arrange them on a cookie sheet, and bake according to recipe instructions. Perfect for tartlets, petit fours, French pastries, mini pies, quiche, and so much more. Made from heavyweight tin, Mrs. Anderson's Tartlet Molds are sturdy and durable, and heat safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Set includes 4 Tartlet Molds. 

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