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Tamarind Paste - 16 oz

Tamarind Paste - 16 oz

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#683.2 Tamarind Paste

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Tamarind Paste packs intense sweet-sour tamarind flavor into a convenient, ready-to-use concentrate that is perfect for flavoring full-bodied chutneys, curries, sauces, marinades and sweets. Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), which comes from the Arabic "Indian date," is the pulpy, pod-shaped fruit of a massive tree native to tropical Africa, and also widely grown and used in cuisines throughout Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Mexico and the Caribbean. The large pods, which start out hard and green, ripen to a light brown. The sweet-sour pulp inside is used in numerous culinary applications, from savory (Worcestershire sauce, pickles, dried and salted snacks, curries, sweet and sour sauces) to sweet (sodas, sorbets, candies, ice pops, jams). In recent years, tamarind has been a popular additive to barbecue sauces, due to its tangy, fruity quality.

Tamarind has a number of nutritional benefits, from its high levels of tartaric acid (a powerful antioxidant) to vitamin C, B vitamins and-strangely for a fruit-calcium. It is also a good source of potassium, iron, copper, selenium and zinc. 

Tamarind Extract.  

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