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Strawberry Hull & Slice Pushberry

Strawberry Hull & Slice Pushberry

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#1927 Pushberry - one step strawberry hull and slice

For those that love fresh strawberries, the new PushBerry is the first one-piece hand held strawberry tool that completely removes the core and slices whole fresh strawberries all in a single easy one-step motion.

By simply centering the whole strawberry over the coring edge and pushing the berry through the tool, the stem and core is left behind in the tool and the sliced berry quarters drop out right onto your cereal bowl, yogurt, ice cream and or even into the blender. Remove the core from the tool and repeat with the next berry. Alternatively, the tool can be used with a cutting board, placing the berries stem side down and pushing the tool over the berry to core and slice into quarters.

The PushBerry is a mere three inches in diameter with an easy to hold nonslip grip. The corer and slicing edge are made of plastic so there are no sharp blades to worry about for any age. Clean up is also easy, just place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. With the convenience of the PushBerry as an all in one tool, you’ll be sure to push all other strawberry hulling and cutting tools out of the way. 


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