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Sprouted Brown Rice - 17 oz

Sprouted Brown Rice - 17 oz

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#773.2 Sprouted Brown Rice

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Sprouted Brown Rice (Gaba) is produced by partially sprouting, or germinating, brown rice over an extended period of time. Our supplier uses a sophisticated and extremely hygenic sprouting method in which the grains are steamed, creating less damage to the rice kernel and ensuring that flavor and quality are maintained. The sprouting process is stopped just before a shoot emerges from the kernel.

As the rice germinates, the amount of naturally occurring gamma-aminobutyric acid (Gaba) within the grain increases. Gaba, an amino acid found naturally in the brain, plays a role in the regulation of muscle tone and in reducing stress and insomnia. Sprouted brown rice contains almost five times the amount of Gaba as regular brown rice.

The flavor of sprouted brown rice falls somewhere between white and brown rice. The sprouting process produces a grain that has a softer, less chewy texture than brown rice, while adding sweetness to the mild, nutty flavor. 

Brown Rice. 

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