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Spirit Infusion Kit Passion Peach Tea

Spirit Infusion Kit Passion Peach Tea

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#770.3 Spirit Infusion Kit Passion Peach Tea

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Staying in for dinner & a movie? Entertaining guests? Looking for a gift to please?  We suggest this Spirit Infusion Kit. No gritty ingredients to strain out, no chunks of dried fruit or spices floating in your drink. No added sugar - just fresh, incredible taste that comes from the highest quality all-natural fruit & spices. We even provide the funnel for bottle filling, so there's no mess when mixing. 

How's it done? Just add 1.5 cups of a favorite alcohol to steep a custom flavored potion in days. Sip straight. or add yummy extras to mix a custom cocktail. Each kit makes up to 16 drinks.

German-blended black OP tea, orange flowers, safflower petals, elder flowers, bee pollen, peach passionfruit.   

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