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Simply Mist Oil Sprayer <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Simply Mist Oil Sprayer *NEW*

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#1168 Simply Mist Oil Sprayer

Great for healthy cooking, dressing salads, and more, this easy-to-use mister delivers a fine, uniform mist with a quick squeeze of the trigger or a controlled stream with a longer pull.

  • Sprays a fine mist with a quick pull and an even stream with a slow pull
  • Sprays 1.4 tsp/0.24 oz/7 ml every time
  • Compatible with olive oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil and more
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Approx 7.75" tall
  • Capacity: 1 cup
  • Glass, chrome, BPA-free plastic

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