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Sealable Tea Bags (4 x 5) - 50 pack

Sealable Tea Bags (4 x 5) - 50 pack

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#534 Self Seal Tea Bags 4x5

United States

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50 Pieces

Large size, 4' (10.16 cm) by 5' (12.7 cm), for mulling spices, simmering potpourri, & bath herbs. Easy to seal with hot iron. Paper tea-bag is oxygen bleach, and holds between one to two teaspoons.

One side of each tea bag is open, so that the tea bag may be filled with loose tea. Simply place each filled tea bag on a cutting board or clean, heat-resistant surface, and seal with the tip of a hot laundry iron. We have found that, for best results, you should use the cotton setting, or the very highest setting without steam. Sealing takes virtually no time - if you look carefully, however, you will be able to notice that as the heat seal binds, the color of the tea bag will become more opaque.

The natural cellulose fibers are compostable/biodegradable, however, upon completion of composting, a residue of synthetic fibers (Polyefin) will remain. This prevents this paper from meeting the EN13432 requirements for composability. So most of it will break down easily, but the fibers will not entirely.

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