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Salt & Pepper Grinder Set Twin <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Salt & Pepper Grinder Set Twin *NEW*

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#839.9 Salt & Pepper Grinders Set Twin

Bella figura is what the Italians say when something makes a good impression - and that is certainly something that can be said of the Twin mill set from every perspective. Its gentle and shapely design harmonizes excellently with its more discreet yet elegant coloring, and it is great to both hold and behold. Once you've held it in your hand, this is a mill you won't want to put down again. The silk-matt surface of its body is understated, and the flavor seal, on which the material structure of the wood can be seen, radiates elegance and warmth. The large grist container, with the practical screw-on seal on its base, is easy to refill. Its upside-down design and its flavor seal, with silicone insulation, prevent annoying crumbs from falling onto the table. The Twin mills use the proven CeraCut grinder, which is made from high-quality ceramic and is infinitely adjustable from fine powder to coarse grind. Coarse rock salt and larger varieties of pepper can be reliably ground. 

  • Fully adjustable for fine to coarse
  • Odor- and taste-free as well as absolutely corrosion- and wear-free high-efficiency ceramic grinder CeraCut
  • An overhead grinder means surfaces won't get dirty
  • Large ground container with a handy screw cap
  • With an aroma cap to protect the spices

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