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Rosette & Timbale Set
Rosette & Timbale Set

Rosette & Timbale Set

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#1334.1 Rosette and Timbale Set

A Scandinavian tradition & delicacy! Make light, crispy cookies, crackers & delicious desserts. This 7 Piece Set includes a wooden, two prong handle with cast aluminum molds: 3 rosettes & 3 timbales. Rosette molds the batter and deep fries making crispy cookies you can either dust with powdered sugar or frost. Timbale molds/create shells to be filled with vegetables or meat for appetizers or fill with fruit and top with cream for a mini dessert.

Made of cast aluminum with a stay cool wood handle. Recipes and instructions included. Hand washing recommended. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

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