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Red Rice Lowcountry, Organic - 7 oz

Red Rice Lowcountry, Organic - 7 oz

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#751.1 Organic Lowcountry Red Rice

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Net Wt: 7 oz (198g)

Crafted to evoke the deep, vibrant flavors of authentic South Carolina lowcountry cuisine, the Organic Lowcountry Red Rice is a brightly flavored blend of long-grain white rice, hearty ancient grains, and a medley of fragrant seasonings. Cook with crushed tomatoes and smoked sausage or bacon for a classic take on red rice, or serve alongside grilled or barbecued meats and seafood.

Organic rice, Organic millet seed, Organic kaniwa, Organic radish seeds, Organic tomato, Salt, Contains 2% or less of Organic onion, Organic red bell pepper, Organic canola oil, Organic green bell pepper, Organic garlic, Organic paprika, Organic spices, Citric acid. 

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