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Ramen Buckwheat Mushroom Soup - 2.8 oz

Ramen Buckwheat Mushroom Soup - 2.8 oz

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#636.3 Ramen Buckwheat Mushroom

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Net Wt: 2.8 oz (80g)

Buckwheat Shiitake Rice Ramen with Mushroom Soup brings you gluten free Buckwheat & Shiitake Rice Ramen, traditional Japanese-style noodles made from organic buckwheat, mushrooms and brown rice instead of wheat! Shiitake mushrooms and buckwheat bring a deep umami flavor to this whole grain rice ramen that is also a good source of fiber.

Add a savory vegetable broth to this quick-cook ramen for a convenient bowl of flavorful and nourishing noodle soup any time. For a complete meal, add your favorite veggies and protein. Ready to eat in just 4 minutes!

Ramen: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour, Shiitake Powder. Soup Pack: Tamari Powder (soybeans, rice, sea salt), Mushroom Powder, Dried Vegetables (red bell pepper, green bell pepper, carrot, scallion), Sugar, Salt, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract, Ginger Powder. 

Allergen Notice:
Contains soy.  

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