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Pour Over Coffee Brewer Bloom 2 - 5 Cups <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Pour Over Coffee Brewer Bloom 2 - 5 Cups *NEW*

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#781.7 Pour Over Coffee brewer Bloom 2 - 5 Cups

The process of pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a slow, methodical manner yields some of the best coffee you've ever tasted. This Pour Over Coffee Maker doesn't require any electricity to operate making it possible to make a fresh cup of coffee literally anywhere - from your kitchen to the office, even directly at your desk or outdoors when you're camping, fishing or on a picnic. 

This pour over coffee brewer design can be used with any V-shaped paper cone filter & can make between 2 - 5 cups of brewed coffee. Use a medium-fine grind size for optimum results. A lid is included to keep the coffee warm and fresh. The borosilicate glass carafe can be stored in the refrigerator, used directly on the stovetop or resting on a coffee warmer. The components of this system are both dishwasher & microwave safe. Made in Germany.


  • Glass carafe & pour over brewer
  • BPA-free plastic funnel insert & lid
  • Silicone collar
  • 10 V-shaped paper filters

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