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Popcorn Kernels, Blue Amish - 14 oz <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Popcorn Kernels, Blue Amish - 14 oz *NEW*

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#725.7 Popcorn Kernels, Blue Amish

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Net Wt: 14 oz (369g)

This Blue Popcorn is medium to large in size, has a unique, sweet, and nutty flavor, and pops in mushroom or butterfly shapes. Blue Popcorn is also higher in antioxidants and has thinner hulls than other varieties.

While this uniquely-colored popcorn kernel variety has a colored kernel, they will be white or yellow once popped.

Compared to Other Popcorn - Blue Popcorn has a less buttery flavor than classic white or yellow popcorn. Its popping ability is similar to other popcorn types, but it is a less traditional and more unique variety.

Popping Tips

Blue Popcorn has a good popping ability and typically produces fluffy popped kernels. For best results, this corn should be popped at a higher temperature, but it can be air-popped, microwave-popped, or popped on the stove using oil. Try it with salt and butter or other seasonings.

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