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Ponzu Sauce - 6.75 oz

Ponzu Sauce - 6.75 oz

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#674.5 Ponzu Sauce

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Net Wt: 6.75 fl. oz. 

Traditional dazzle, it brightens up any dish. A delightful medley of sweet, sour, tangy, salty, and savory. A quick and easy dipping sauce for whole grain pasta, noodles, cooked vegetables, tofu, fried food, and fish, and is splendid as a salad dressing ingredient and marinade. Ponzu sauce adds tons of sparkling flavor, yet zero fat as it's made without oil.

Water, shoyu (water, soybeans, wheat, sea salt, koji), rice vinegar, mirin (water, rice, sea salt, koji), potato and barley malt syrup, yuzu juice, sudachi juice. 

Allergen Notice:
Contains: soy, wheat. 

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