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Piri Piri Sauce - 5.27 oz

Piri Piri Sauce - 5.27 oz

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#624.8 Piri Piri Sauce

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Net Wt: 5.27 fl oz (155ml)

Piri-piri is the Swahili word for a hot chili pepper. It is also known as African bird's eye chili. The Portuguese discovered this chili in the late 15th century on the east coast of Africa. It was not long after, they transformed these wonderfully hot yet flavorful chilies into sauces. Today, this unique hot sauce is not just popular in Portugal, it is also extremely popular in South Africa, Angola, Mozambique and Namibia. Put some pop into your next dish with this historical hot sauce. Perfect with shrimp, chicken and fish.

Apple Vinegar, Hot Chili Peppers, Bell Peppers, Salt, Garlic, Ginger.  

Allergen Notice:
Contains sulfites.  

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