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Original Sesame Bar with Kelp - 1 oz <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*BEST BY 01/20/2024*</span>

Original Sesame Bar with Kelp - 1 oz *BEST BY 01/20/2024*

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#2233 Original Sesame Bar w/ Kelp 

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Net Wt: 1 oz (28g)

The Kelp Krunch Original Sesame bar is a delicious, crunchy and slightly chewy treat made with whole sesame seeds and flakes of wild-harvested kelp. Lightly sweetened with brown rice syrup and Maine maple syrup to create a bar that's slightly sweet, a little salty, and packed with sea vegetable nutrition! 

Orgnic sesame seeds, organic brown rice syrup, organic maple syrup, organic kelp. 

Allergen Notice:
Contains: sesame seeds. 

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