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Nigella/Black Caraway Seeds -16 oz

Nigella/Black Caraway Seeds -16 oz

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#621.9 Black Caraway/Nigella

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Black Caraway, or Nigella, is the distinctive, slightly bitter seed of an annual flowering plant native to Asia. It is also sometimes called "black seed" or "black cumin." Not to be confused with traditional caraway seed.

Black caraway is commonly used in Bengali cuisine and to top bread, especially naan and rye or studded in Middle Eastern string cheese for a hint of its robust flavor. It also plays a key role in the five-seed Indian and Bangladeshi spice blend panch phoron. 

  • Pungent, slightly bitter
  • Light to dark black seeds
  • Approx 1/8-inch long, curved seeds  

Black caraway seeds. 


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