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Multi-Opener 5-in-1, 2-piece

Multi-Opener 5-in-1, 2-piece

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#722.6 Multi-Opener 6-in-1

Save your hands with this 5-in-1 kitchen essential. Non-slip grip opens jars and bottles with minimum effort. Ideal for those with arthritis or a weak grip. Nests together for easy storage. 

5-in-1 opener: Open twist off lids up to 1.18". Pulls up can rings easily. Claw breaks jar seals so you can easily remove them. Traditional bottle cap opener built in.

Jar Opener: Just place correct size around lid, hold tightly and turn to easily open jar lids from 1.5" - 3.5". Perfect sizes for any lid. Gradated rings for everything from prescription bottles to canning and large pickle jars. Large size for pickle jars and large size condiment jars. Medium size is perfect for jam and jelly jars. Small size for salad dressing and soda bottles.

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