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Kukicha Twig Tea Organic 16 Tea Bags - 1.12 oz

Kukicha Twig Tea Organic 16 Tea Bags - 1.12 oz

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#802.6 Kukicha Twig Tea Organic 16 Tea Bags

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Crafted from four different clippings of the tea bush Camellia sinensis. The first clipping is from three year old, semi-wild plants, from which twigs from the under part of the bush are trimmed in autumn. The second clipping consists of thick twigs, which are harvested every 10 years, usually in mid-winter. During the autumn and winter the caffeine level is at its lowest. The third and forth clipping, done every year in March and June, consists of small, thin twigs, stems and mature brown dried leaves. These are the pruning that stimulate the growth of fresh green shoots. After harvesting the twigs are steamed to soften them, and then place outside to dry in the sun for about one week depending upon the weather. Next, the sun dried twigs are placed in brown paper sacks and aged for 2 to 3 years to develop the flavor. After aging, the twigs are cut, graded, and separately roasted according to their size in gas fired cast iron ovens. The patient and ceremonious roasting develops a distinctive flavor and aroma and made Kukicha Tea popular among macrobiotic and natural food aficionados. 

Ideal at meal's end. 50% kukicha tea and 50% apple juice is an excellent young person’s beverage. Antioxidant health benefits. kosher

Organic Roasted Organic Tea Twigs and Leaves. 

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