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Kefta Kabob Seasoning - 7.5 oz <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Kefta Kabob Seasoning - 7.5 oz *NEW*

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#1029.5 Kefta Kabob Seasoning

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Net Wt: 7.5 oz (213g)

This Kefta Kabob Seasoning was created to be a convenient, authentic way of making ground meat kabobs right at home. It's as easy as mixing the spice into ground meat, forming the meat around skewers, and grilling -- each kabob will come out aromatic and flavorful. This seasoning mix is also perfect for adding a hint of exotic flavor to hamburgers and meatloaf.

Blend may naturally separate. for best results, shake/mix before using. 

Sumac, turmeric, salt, garlic, onion, tarragon, parsley. 

Allergen Notice:
Packed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, sesame seeds, and wheat ingredients.  

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