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Java Rub Bourbon Barrel Aged - 2 oz

Java Rub Bourbon Barrel Aged - 2 oz

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#730.5 Java Rub Bourbon Barrel Aged

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This Java Rub features Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee!  It's especially "javalicious" on steaks, but is just as tasty on lamb, pork, burgers and portobello mushrooms!  The smokiness of the bourbon barrel aged coffee is "amped up" by using Grapevine Smoked Seneca Salt and smoked paprika.  This JAVA RUB also contains garlic, pepper and parsley.  It may become your new favorite! 

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Grapevine Smoked Seneca Salt, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper, Herbs, Spices.  

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