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Hot Dog Spiral Cutter <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Hot Dog Spiral Cutter *NEW*

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#648.8 Hot Dog Spiral Cutter

Spiralize your hot dog, making room for all the toppings you want and maximizing crispness and caramelization.

Use: Simply place the hot dog inside the Dizzy Dog and spin the wheel. The blade inside the wheel slices into your dog at just the right angle and spacing. Throw your dog on the grill and watch it sizzle like never before. With durable components, slicing wheel that pulls apart for cleaning, and ridged surfaces on both ends for better grip.

Caution: Do not place Dizzy Dog on the grill. Do not expose to high heat; plastic will melt. Remove hot dog from Dizzy Dog before placing on the grill.

Please note: The Dizzy Dog is perfect for regular-sized hot dogs. The inside of the Dizzy Dog is about 6.5 inches long with a diameter of .9 inches. We suggest spiralizing only hot dogs that can comfortably fit inside the Dizzy Dog.

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