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Green Bags 10 Large

Green Bags 10 Large

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#1710 Green Bags 10 Large

Green Bags help your fresh produce fight the battle against ethylene gas – a byproduct given off by produce as it ripens. This gas is also responsible for accelerating the decay of food. Green Bags provide a completely natural method of removing ethylene gas from ripening fruits and vegetables. Now there’s a safe way to store food that naturally extends the life of your produce.

Green Bags are 100% completely safe for food storage and when used properly, can greatly increase the life of fresh produce. Green Bags are 100% non-toxic and are BPA free. Green Bags are made from a food grade film and may be recycled after use!

If you’re tired of tossing fruits, vegetables (and dollars) in the trash, then it’s time to get some Evert-Fresh Green Bags, the original fresh food storage solution!

Each pack contains 10 large bags (21.1"x9.1"x6.6"), reusable 8-10 times each.    

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