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Fluicer Lemon Juicer <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Fluicer Lemon Juicer *NEW*

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#917.4 Fluicer Lemon Juicer

Squeezing fresh citrus can be painful and often shoots more juice across your counter and clothes than into your dish. But Dreamfarm’s “Fluicer,” cleverly named to combine “flat” and “juicer,” solves these citrus-squeezing problems. The handheld flat-folding juicer is smartly designed to squeeze citrus from side to side, not top to bottom like most manual juice presses. And it combines a clever hinge and two sturdy handles for an easy squeeze that requires much less force than other juicers we’ve tried (and still gets out all the juice).

The Fluicer can handle citrus of multiple sizes ranging from limes to lemons and small oranges, a built-in strainer catches seeds and the dishwasher-safe squeezer folds completely flat for efficient storage—no more getting your drawer caught on rounded cups.

Approx 10" long.

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