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FinaPod Max - 1 pod <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

FinaPod Max - 1 pod *NEW*

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#713.9 FinaPod Max


This pod is designed to work with the FinaMill, sold separately. 

  • Mess free refill - wide opening with ample capacity. No more spilled spices!
  • Durable design - patented ceramic grinding elements will last for years.
  • Effortlessly adjustable - turn the adjustment knob to control your grind size for each spice.
  • Organize - store and stack spices in their own dedicated FinaPods for easy organization.

FinaPod Pro Plus is good to grind:

Whole spices: Allspice - whole, black cumin seeds, caraway seed, cloves, juniper berries, lemon peel - dried and minced, orange peel - dried and minced, star anise - crushed.

Herbs: basil - dried, cilantro - dried, celery flakes -dried, mint- dried, oregano - dried, parsley - dried, etc.

Additional: Coffee beans, Espresso beans.

NOT DESIGNED to grind and chop fresh herbs or anything wet.

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