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Everyone’s Favorite Flavor Enhancer

Posted by on 9/7/2022


Did you know that salt is one of the most inexpensive ways to impart flavor to your foods?

Due to its nature, salt does not necessarily make foods saltier. When used in small amounts in sweet foods, salt will make sweets taste sweeter (it suppresses bitterness) and when used in larger amounts in savory dishes it enhances the umami flavors.

When adding salt to foods, one thing to remember is that timing is of great importance – it is best to salt your food in stages and taste as you go. Add a little at a time, wait a few minutes (salt needs time to work its magic and infuse the food), then taste and then add some more, if needed.

While there are many types of salt out there, most people will only need a couple of types – an everyday salt, a flaky salt (which can be used as a finishing salt) and, if you’re feeling adventurous, a flavored or smoky salt.

Try some black truffle sea salt on brie or goat cheese, red Hawaiian salt or Summer citrus salt on cod fish or scallops, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous try fleur de sel or habanero salt on brownies or chocolate ice cream.

It all comes down to personal preferences on how much or how little salt and spices to add to your food. Check out some of our most popular salts below or click here to see all the varieties we carry.

Have fun and enjoy the process!

Himalayan Pink Salt
Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts found on earth, having been protected by hardened lava within the Himalayan salt beds for hundreds of millions of years. When it comes to purity and mineral content, no other salt compares.

Alaea Hawaiian Salt
Alaea is the traditional Hawaiian table salt used to season and preserve. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is non-processed and rich in trace minerals, all of which are found in sea water. A small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay (Alaea) enriches the salt with Iron-Oxide.

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
Hickory Smoked Salt is created when delicate sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Hickory hard wood. The resulting smoke flavor is full and clean without the bitterness. There are no artificial flavors added. Hickory smoke is synonymous with southern cooking and works magic with ribs, burgers, red meat, turkey, and chicken.

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is a flaky sea salt that utilizes sweet Applewood to fuel the fires that flavor this naturally smoked sea salt. Aged Applewood is one of the most popular of the fruit woods used in smoking, and creates a delicious, savory flavor.

Kosher Flake Salt
Our Kosher Flake salt is a unique, pyramid shaped crystal with stair-step sides. The irregular crystals make this salt ideal for cooking and seasoning as well as an accent for refreshments that call for a salt-rimmed glass. Flake salt is commonly used by spice blenders due to the increase surface area that improves adherence to food. Contains no additives.

Australian Sea Salt
Solar evaporated Australian Sea Salt is all natural and unrefined. Made white by the sun and sea, the sparkling crystals are collected from the salt ponds, carefully crushed and screened to size. Simple and pure with zero additives, allergens, or anti-caking agents, this salt offers consistent and balanced flavor and texture.

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