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Originally cultivated in Mexico, nowadays paprika is mostly associated with Hungarian and Spanish cuisines. However, because of its widespread availability, paprika has become a culinary staple for countries all over the world – from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Americas and across to the Middle East.

Derived from ground, air-dried chilies of the Capsicum annuum pepper family, paprika encompasses a range of flavors and heat levels. Varieties within the Capsicum annuum family include sweet bell peppers, piquant jalapenos, fiery cayenne, and of course, paprika itself. Depending on the pepper variety and the growing region, paprika can also range in heat, from sweet to spicy, with flavor profiles varying from mild to robust.

This versatile spice not only lends its vibrant color to dishes but also contributes complex and distinctive flavors. From classic goulash to deviled eggs, from aromatic paella to fragrant tagine, paprika plays a vital role in countless recipes. It's also a common ingredient in spice blends and rubs, adding depth and character to culinary creations.

With such a diverse array of options, it's easy to see why paprika is beloved by chefs and home cooks alike.

Hungarian Paprika
Typically a rusty-reddish color. It is the variety that most of us are used to. Hungarian paprika is a great addition to many dishes and is ideal to use in multi-purpose seasonings. It has a lingering warmth, and it is more intense and slightly hot.

Spanish Paprika
It is also known as Pimentón. It is sweet, slightly peppery, and aromatic with a deep red color. It adds rich, warm color and subtle flavor to sauces, stews, soups, as well as meats and deviled eggs.

Smoked Paprika
The peppers used to make this paprika are smoked before being ground, imparting a rich smokiness. It has a delicious robust aroma and flavor, and a deep red color. While you can taste the sweet, mild flavor of paprika, the smoky flavor is dominant.

Domestic Paprika
It has a vibrant red color and a bold scent. The flavor is sweeter than Hungarian paprika, and it is perfect for Southwestern dishes and seasonings like chili blends or BBQ rubs and sauces. Grown in California.

Hot Paprika
This paprika is reddish-brown in color and it offers a fiery bite to any dish. The flavor is like chorizo, with a spicy, tingling sensation on your tongue. Too hot?! Mix it with sweet paprika to tame it down.

Barbecue Seasoning
Our Barbecue Spice is a powdered barbecue blend perfect for dishes you want to lend an off-the-barbecue flavor. It can be added to homemade barbecue sauce bases, or mixed with oil and vinegar and turned into a marinade.

Blackened Blend
This blend captures the essence of Southern cuisine and works wonders on fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, etc. Use it as a dry rub for fish or mix with melted butter for scrumptious broiled lobster tails. Also great in gumbo, soups, sauces and dressings.

Chicken & Pork Seasoning
This chicken & pork seasoning is a must-have for any meat lover. Perfect for smoking, charcoal cooking, broiling or baking, it adds a mouth-watering flavor to beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Simply rub it on chicken before cooking and enjoy the amazing taste it brings.

Low & Slow BBQ Rub
The Low & Slow BBQ Rub has a smoky aroma paired with dehydrated tomatoes, garlic and onion and is perfect for any meat being smoked or cooked in a crock pot. Rub this blend on ribs or a pork tenderloin, set the temperature to low, and prepare yourself for a great meal!

Prime Rib Steak Seasoning
Ultimate Steakhouse Prime Rib Seasoning is a granular blend with a garlicky, sweet and salty taste. The flavors in this rub are perfect for any steak or beef roast.

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