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Donut Cutter SS 3"

Donut Cutter SS 3"

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#1943 Donut Cutter SS 3"

Mrs. Anderson's Donut Cutter creates perfectly round dough cutouts in just seconds. The double-ring design cuts the outer edge and the doughnut hole together in a single action. Making homemade doughnuts has never been easier! Simply roll out dough evenly on a lightly floured surface and dust with a bit more flour on top. Hold Donut Cutter by the handle, press the blade firmly into the dough and give it a slight twist to cut all the way through. Dip the cutter in flour between each cut to keep it from sticking. Cook doughnuts according to recipe. A great addition to baking tools for cutting doughnuts, mini cakes, gingerbread pieces, cookies, and more. This metal doughnut cutter doubles nicely as a pastry cutter, biscuit cutter, and fondant cutter, and is great for baking and cooking with kids or doing arts and crafts and working with clay. Made from stainless steel, Mrs. Anderson's Donut Cutter measures 3 x 3-inches with an easy-hold handle. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 

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