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Dave's Coffee Syrup - 16 oz <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Dave's Coffee Syrup - 16 oz *NEW*

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#901.7 Dave's Coffee Syrup

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Dave’s Coffee Syrup is for so much more than coffee milk, Rhode Island’s sweet, creamy official state beverage. Dave’s syrup starts with Brazilian coffee beans—roasted specifically for use in the syrup—before the nutty, smoky ground beans are cold-brewed for 18 hours. This coffee is boiled with pure cane sugar and agave nectar for a complex, dimensional sweetness, until coffee syrup is born. This syrup tastes the way coffee smells—sweet and toasty—with none of the bitter or tannic notes of a brewed cup. While coffee milk is a classic and refreshing way to enjoy the taste of this syrup, you can also use it in cocktails, batters, as a binder for granola, as a glaze for meat or roasted vegetables, brushed on to pastries and dessert and so much more. The full-bodied, chocolatey notes of coffee shine through in every application.

This syrup is not a coffee concentrate or substitute. Apart from classic coffee milk—mix two tablespoons of Dave’s Coffee Syrup into a glass of cold or warm milk—try this with vodka for an instant espresso martini or add to other cocktails. Use it to caramelize bacon, glaze meat or stirred into a barbecue sauce. Drizzle on to roasted carrots, yams or other root vegetables. Sweeten whipped cream, drizzle on to ice cream, mix into brownie batter, glaze pastries. It’s also excellent for playing up coffee flavors in desserts, like tiramisu, coffee cake, cinnamon buns, banana bread, caramel and more.

Cane sugar, Dave's cold brewed coffee (water, fresh roasted coffee), organic agave nectar.

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