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Coffee Grinder Turkish-style Gold <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>

Coffee Grinder Turkish-style Gold *NEW*

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#903.3 Coffee Grinder Turkish-Style Gold

How to use:

  1. Place coffee beans into the hopper and close the lid.
  2. Unfold and attach the handle to the rod in the center of the grinder.
  3. Make sure there are coffee beans in the hopper before you start turning the handle (Never use your grinder empty. This can damage the burrs.)
  4. Turn the handle clockwise and hold it below your hand/wrist so that you are pushing down on it while turning the handle - this will make sure that the handle does not come off. The handle conveniently folds in half for easy storage in the upper hopper. 
  5. On your first use, it will take several turns before it starts to grind (because the burrs are empty).
  6. Adjust the coarseness by the screw/bolt at the bottom only when it is empty.

How to adjust coarseness:

  1. Grind setting is located on the bottom of the grinder inside the compartment. Use the metal lever to adjust coarseness. Turn the ring clockwise for a finer grind and counter-clockwise for a coarser grind. 
  2. A millimeter of movement should change your shot time by a couple of seconds. It may take a few adjustments to get the perfect grind size, but once it is set, you can use the same daily without it fluctuating.

Do not wash the grinder. 

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