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Classic Fish Stock - 1.5 oz

Classic Fish Stock - 1.5 oz

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#738.3 Classic Fish Stock

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Net Wt: 1.5 oz (42.5g)

Made from the bones and trimmings of a variety of white fish with white wine and aromatics. The fish fumet's clear yellow color and lovely aroma are outstanding as a braising or poaching liquid, in addition to its primary use in sauces. Used full strength, Fumet de Poisson Gold® adds just the right touch to classical sauces, giving them a complexity not duplicated with simple fish stock. 

Fish Stock (Pollock, Cod), White Wine, Dried Fish Stock (Cod), Fish Gelatin (Tilapia), Salt, Mirepoix Stock (made of carrot, celery and onion stocks). 

Allergen Notice:
Product contains fish (Pollock, cod, and tilapia). May contain trace amounts of shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp).  

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