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Classic Fig Jam Organic, 8.5 oz

Classic Fig Jam Organic, 8.5 oz

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#743.6 Classic Fig Jam Organic 

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Net Wt: 8.5 oz (241g)

Figs are a unique and delicious fruit with a distinctive, almost honey-like taste and crunchy seeds. So to create something really different, we combine ripe figs, crisp apples and a dash of tart lemon for a wonderfully full-flavored organic jam that you're sure to love. Spread on breakfast breads or use in desserts. 

Refrigerate after opening.

Cane sugar*, fruit pectin (water and pectin), water, apples* (apples*, ascorbic acid, citric acid, salt), fig paste* (fig paste*, fig concentrate*),  fig concentrate* (soluble fig solids*, water), lemon juice concentrate*, citric acid. *Organic 

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