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Citrus Oil Set - Orange, Lemon, Lime - 1 oz ea

Citrus Oil Set - Orange, Lemon, Lime - 1 oz ea

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#990.6 Mini Citrus Box

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Net Wt: 3 oz (90ml) - 3 x 1 oz (3 x 30ml)

No more scraped knuckles and desiccated, rind-less fruit! These Citrus Oils are remarkably intense essences squeezed from the rind of fresh fruit; there's no oil added, just all-natural fruit flavor. It takes 44 oranges, 66 lemons, or 80 limes to fill a 1 oz bottle of oil.

Use sparingly in place of peel or zest. Start with 1/4 teaspoon or oil per cup of ingredients, until the desired flavor is achieved. Ideal for baking, candy making, sauces, dressings, soups, glazes, whipped cream and frostings. 

Pure orange oil.

Pure lemon oil.

Pure lime oil. 

Allergen Notice:
Made on equipment shared with peanut oil, sesame, soy and milk. 

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