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Chili Powder (Ancho) - 50 lb. box

Chili Powder (Ancho) - 50 lb. box

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#336.9 Chili Powder Ancho

USA and Peru

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Net Wt: 50 Lb. (22.5 kg)

Best stored in the refrigerator. Ancho, which is the name for dried Poblano chilies, has a classic chili flavor. This mild, dark, earthy chili has fruity notes and a grainy texture. 700-1300 heat units (Scoville scale). Great chili for rub blends, chili beans, rubs, Mexican and Southwest dishes, and gourmet creations. May be a blend of ancho and other chilies for consistent flavor.

Contains max 2% Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking Agent) and max 100 PPM Ethoxyquin (Anti-Oxidant).

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