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Champignon Mushroom Powder - 6 oz (Irradiated)

Champignon Mushroom Powder - 6 oz (Irradiated)

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#834.5 Champignon Mushroom Powder

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Net Wt: 6 oz (170g)

Our Champignon Powder is made from 100% pure finely ground champignon mushrooms and captures the mushroom's wild, earthy flavor in a multi-purpose powder. Treated by irradiation.

  • Add to gravy, sauces, cream soups or stews 
  • Use in dry rubs for meats, poultry or fish
  • Add to the dry mix for fresh pasta dough
  • Combine with garlic powder and sea salt to make a delicious seasoning mix for popcorn or homemade potato chips

Champignon Mushrooms

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