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Brizzle Basting Brush
Brizzle Basting Brush

Brizzle Basting Brush

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#770.5 Brizzle Basting Brush

Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop up 1 tbsp of liquid (that’s the equivalent of 15 bristle dips) from hard-to-reach places, drizzles to baste, and sits up off your bench with no drips. Brizzle’s cup shaped head, folds back to fit into small spaces and scoops up 1tbsp of your baste without tilting your heavy baking dish or tray. The 4 holes inside Brizzle’s head control the release of your baste, oil, or egg wash onto its bristles, for fast and efficient basting. Brizzle’s 100 soft, silicone bristles are non-stick safe, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F. 

Available in red, black and dark blue. Please specify color when placing your order. 

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