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Beeswax Wrap Med. Boesemani Teal <span style='padding-left:.5em;float:center;color:red;'>*NEW*</span>
Beeswax Wrap Med. Boesemani Teal *NEW*

Beeswax Wrap Med. Boesemani Teal *NEW*

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#674.4 Beeswax Wrap Med. Boesemani Teal 

The beautiful, reusable food wrap. Protect your food and the environment in style. Use your Z Wrap over and over again, at least 100 times - that means 1 wrap can prevent 1000 pieces of plastic from ending up in the trash, keeping them out of landfills and our oceans! Simply clean in cool, soapy water. Lay flat to dry. 

With the medium size, you can wrap up your sandwich, a block of hard cheese, some leftover greens or herbs. Keep your sliced veggies and snack fresh without searching for a container or a lid! Dimensions: 12" x 12". Proudly made in Massachusetts.      

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