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Batch Cooking, by Keda Black

Batch Cooking, by Keda Black

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#826.4 Batch Cooking

Cooking in large batches is the perfect way to save time and money. It also turns out to be the healthier option - saving you from ready-meals and take-out, allows you to cook your produce when it's most fresh; and reduces how much food you throw away. 

In Batch Cooking, Keda Black shows you how to get ahead of the game by using just two hours every Sunday to plan what you are eating for the week ahead and get most of your prep out of the way. By Sunday evening, five delicious weeknight meals, and enjoying and overwhelming sense of calm about the week ahead. 

The book covers thirteen menus, with an easy-to-follow shopping list and a handy guide for how to tweak your plans for the season or your dietary requirements. Each menu is broken down into the Sunday preparation time and day-by-day method to finishing the recipe. Recipes include a heartening Lemongrass, Coconut, Coriander and Ginger soup, a delightful Shakshuka with Feta and an astoundingly easy Pear brownie.    

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