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Baster Glass

Baster Glass

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#930.1 Baster Glass

High-heat tempered glass and silicone (to 450-degrees Fahrenheit); resists shock and breakage; easy-to-read 0.5-ounce increments for precise measuring. Silicone bulb with safety grip helps keep fingers away from heat and ensures a secure grasp; powerful suction won't leave a drop of flavor behind. 

Perfect for roasting, grilling, rotisserie, and other slow cooking methods to baste, marinate or glaze poultry, meat, game, and fish, even vegetables! For cooking and roasting foods to a golden brown outside and maintaining a moist and juicy inside.  Easy to use; holds 2-fluid-ounces; disassembles for a thorough cleaning; top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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