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 Roasted Chicken Demi-Glace - 1.5 oz

Roasted Chicken Demi-Glace - 1.5 oz

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#732.9 Classic Roasted Chicken Demi-Glace

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Net Wt: 1.5 oz (42.5g)

For the first time ever, a true classic chicken stock bound with starch for sauce preparations is available for your kitchen. It allows you to make all the classic, lighter colored, chicken-based sauces without the added time and effort typically required to bind a roux into the finished sauce. It also has a more dominant chicken flavor and blonde color. Now you can make all the classics quickly and easily. It is also great for enhancing soups and binding a variety of fresh vegetable sauces. 

Chicken Stock, Mirepoix Stock (made of carrot, celery and onion stocks), Roasted Chicken Stock, Dried Chicken Stock, Modified Food Starch, Water, Gelatin, Salt, White Wine, Chicken Fat. 

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